Ten Holiday Food Myths That Can Mess with Your Blood Sugar

Disorder related to blood sugar level is commonly known as diabetes. If you or your near or dear one is suffering from it, your main priority should be maintaining the sugar level. It becomes even more challenging to keep the sugar level steady during the holiday season. The following are some holiday food myths circulating regarding blood sugar level, diabetes, food, and holidays:

Gaining Weight Is A Myth

You must have heard people saying that they gain weight immensely during the holidays. Luckily, recent studies show that the actual average amounts to about 1 pound when people are conscious of what and how much they are eating. And if you are that health-conscious then, you should try to eat healthy food items and avoid junk food or other unhealthy food.

Superfood Myth

So much of hover is circulating all around regarding the superfood without any logic. You must have noticed that these food items are just available before or during the holiday season when you have a lot of money to spend on. The fact is that the highly specialized holiday food items do not any extra nutritional value or are not more beneficial to us than ordinary food items. You can avail of the following food item at a much cheaper rate than superfoods:


It contains more antioxidants than any other food item. Blueberries are available year-round, but the cost of blueberries may jump slightly during the winter season. Fortunately,  frozen blueberries packed in no juice or added sugar are easy to find throughout the year. They are rich in  Vitamin C, which is great to ward off the winter cold and offer plenty of fiber. Blueberries are a “superstar” for improving memory.


Kale is full of iron, calcium, and fiber, and it is readily available in the market. You can have this by adding this to the salad. You must be aware that food rich in fiber is very beneficial to a diabetic person.


They are delicious and comes with a lot of nutritional value. It contains Vitamin C and ellagitannins. You can have this by adding it to salad, dessert, bread. The vitamin C present in the strawberries can help to repair the tissue.


They are available in abundance during the holiday season. You can use it fresh, and it is also available in cans.  If you are using the canned cranberries for cranberry sauce, look for the “no added sugar” brand. Cranberries help to fight inflammation, improve oral health, reduce the urinary tract risk, and yeast infer that and reduce heart problems: Substitute Splenda or Truvia in recipes that call for white sugar when baking or cooking cranberries.

Pistachio nuts

They are available at a reasonable price even during the holiday season, mostly when available in shells. You can have it as a snack in a small serving size. Pistachio nuts are rich in potassium, which helps in the proper function of the heart.


People often add pecans to the holiday casserole,  salad, bread, etc., rich in vitamin E, fiber, protein, and healthy fats.


It is one of the holiday superfoods available at a reasonable price. Turkey is full of vitamin B, zinc, folic acid, and potassium. These vitamins and minerals may boost your immune system, protect you from heart disease, cancer, and help you maintain your cholesterol level.  The most nutritious way to indulge in turkey is to eat breast meat without skin, as this instantly removes hundreds of calories.

Health Is Not About Being Slim

Being slim doesn’t make you healthy. You often noticed people saying that they are slim; therefore, they are healthy. You must accept that not all thin people are healthy, and not all overweight people suffer from any illness. It will be best to focus on the nutritional benefit of food, freshness, flavor, and food variety. For instance, instead of having a white dinner roll filled with butter, you can put a few slices of avocado in the salad. The calorie intake will be the same, but the nutritional value will be better.

Avoid Sugar Is A Myth

It is generally challenging to follow this advice but even more difficult during the holiday season. Since all carbohydrates turn into sugar, not just candies, cookies, and cakes, you need to remain aware of it while selecting food. You can find sugar in whole foods such as fruits, and whole grains will slowly enter the bloodstream because of the fiber content. Remember to maintain carbohydrate levels during the holidays.

Eat Natural Sugar Only Is A Myth

Some people switch their regular sugar with exotic honey, maple syrup, black molasses, brown sugar, and Agave to prepare food for the holidays. These products may enter your bloodstream and raise your blood sugar level even if they are natural. You should try to avoid all types of sugar. You can ask your doctor regarding sugar management in the holidays.

Fats Are Not Suitable For A Person With Diabetes Is A Myth

Using unsaturated fats in an excessive amount is unsafe for a person with diabetes and other people. It can increase the cholesterol level of the body, which may adversely affect the heart. Researches found that using saturated fats instead of unsaturated fats can decrease the risk of death by 27 percentage.

The Resurgence Of The “Dissociated Diet” Is A Myth

According to the nutritionist, it is beneficial to have a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to enjoy various tastes and nutrients. It may help you maintain your blood sugar level and provide you with satisfaction that you are eating other nutrients. You should plan your holiday meal so well you can combine all nutrients, including fiber.

You Can Detox Yourself Is A Myth

No, you can not detox your body with some juice or medicines. You must be aware that the kidney and liver are the detoxing systems of the body. It works to detox your body through urine, sweat, and feces. Taking juice or medications can create a mess with your electrolytes, hydration, energy level, blood sugars, and metabolism.

Do Not Exercise After Eating

People often feel it is dangerous to move after eating. No one will suggest you run a marathon after a big meal, but the best time to help with blood sugar regulation is 30-60 minutes after the meal. A simple leisurely walk for 30 minutes will make a significant impact on post-meal blood sugars. Walking for 20 minutes before taking the feed may also help raise your metabolic rate and bring blood sugars down before eating.

Just Give In To Holiday Stress Myth

It will be best if you are more inclined towards stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc., during the holidays. Try to be more health-conscious during the holidays. With proper discipline in your daily life, you can manage your diabetes and holidays so well that you can enjoy every moment of your holiday season.