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What is Soma?

Soma is the carisoprodol tablets available in 250mg and 350mg strength. The chemical composition of carisoprodol is N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propyl-1,3propanediol dicarbamate. It comes under the brand name Soma. The inactive ingredients in the Soma pills are magnesium stearate, alginic acid, tribasic calcium phosphate, potassium sorbate, and starch.

Soma belongs to the Muscle Relaxant (Centrally Acting) group of medications. The Muscle Relaxants blocks the pain sensations between nerves and the brain, thus relieving the skeletal, muscular pain.

Soma pills were approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2007.

Uses of Soma:

Soma pills are the pain reliever to relieve musculoskeletal pain. It can treat mild to acute pain associated with the skeletal muscles.

Soma works best with physical therapies and rest, to treat the injury or pain.

Carisoprodol (Soma) helps to relax the muscle after a sprain, strain, and other muscular injuries.

Soma is a short term (up to three weeks) use the medicine. Its effectiveness, in the long run, is not evident, and even most muscular injuries are short term.

Dosage of Soma:

Consult the doctor before taking the medication. Schedule the dosage regime for Soma according to the severity of pain and the personal needs of the patient.

The general dosage for carisoprodol is 250mg to 350mg given three times a day and at bedtime.

The medication for Soma usually lasts up to two to three weeks.

Forms and Strength:

Strength Form Color Inscription
250mg Soma Round convex tablets White “SOMA 250”
350mg Soma Round convex tablets White “SOMA 350”

Storage and Handling:

Soma 250mg pills are available in the bottles of 30 (NDC 0037-2250-30) and bottles of 100 (NDC 0037-2250-10).

Soma 350mg pills are available in the bottles of 100 (NDC 0037-2001-01) only.

When you buy soma pills store it in a controlled room temperature (20-250 C).

Missed Dose:

If you missed your dose, take it as soon as possible. But if it’s almost the time for the next dose, you can skip your missed dose. Do not take two doses of Soma at the same time.


In case you overdose, and the symptoms of overdose are visible, contact your doctor immediately and seek medical help.

Side Effects of Soma:

The clinical study for the side effects of Soma does not show any adverse effects of the medication on the patients. Some very mild side effects came into notice:

Side effects Soma 250mg Soma 350mg
Headache 5% 3%
Drowsiness 13% 17%
Dizziness 8% 7%

The commonly known side effects of Soma reported by the general patients are:

  • Chest pain
  • Cough
  • Black stools
  • Cold sweat
  • Seizure
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Faintness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fast pulse
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Painful urination
  • Muscle cramps
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sores or white spots on lips
  • Ulcer in the mouth
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Unusual breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Fever

More severe side effects of the Soma are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Ataxia
  • Tremors
  • Convulsions
  • Tachycardia
  • Postural hypotension
  • Syncope
  • Facial flushing
  • Agitation
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Vertigo
  • Dependence
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Epigastric discomfort
  • Leukopenia
  • Pancytopenia
  • Withdrawal

The symptoms of Soma overdose include:

  • Enlarged pupils
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Unconsciousness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Confusion
  • Hallucination
  • A false sense of well being
  • False beliefs
  • inability to move eyes
  • eyes more sensitive to light
  • increased blinking
  • irregular breathing
  • muscle stiffness
  • pale or blue lips
  • pale skin and fingernails
  • slurred speech
  • trouble swallowing
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Unusual excitement
  • weakness of bones
  • anxiety
  • heartburn
  • numbness
  • redness on face
  • insomnia
  • Trembling, twisting, or other problems with muscles.


Do not use Soma pills if you are allergic to:

  • carisoprodol
  • any other ingredients of the tablet

Talk to your doctor right away before taking Soma if you have any of the following problems:

  • Sensitivity to Felbamate (Felbatol) drug
  • Sensitivity to meprobamate drug
  • Acute porphyria
  • Kidney problems
  • Poor liver functioning
  • Risk of seizures
  • History of convulsions
  • A history of drug abuse or addiction
  • History of alcohol addiction.

Soma (carisoprodol) have sedative properties, and it can cause the thinking, mental, or physical impairments in the patients on medication. Driving a vehicle or operating machinery could be dangerous, especially if you take Soma and some other CNS (Central Nervous System) depressants such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and tricyclic antidepressants.

Carisoprodol (Soma) is subject to dependency and addiction. The abuse, misuse, and addiction risks are high. To minimize these risks, use the lowest effective dose of Soma for a short duration, according to your requirement.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur if you suddenly stop taking the medication. Gradually decrease the dosage, as directed by the doctor, to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal.