Ritalin 10mg


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3 reviews for Ritalin 10mg

  1. David R. Lewis

    They helped me a lot. Thanks for the overnight delivery that saved my time. They were highly supportive and quick at work.

  2. Elanie

    Started to use Ritalin in high school because of mild hyperactivity which became more severe. Experienced huge change due to Ritalin and became much more focused on school, and more successful. Have been taking Ritalin since then (through college and now at work) and could not imagine life without it.

  3. Faina

    I am bipolar I with very refractory symptoms, particularly moderate to severe depresseion. After trying practically every anti-depressant currently available my psychiatrist suggested I try Ritalin to increase my energy and elevate my mood. I have been on it (as well as soma and requip) as adjunct therapy to lamictal, cymbalta, and abilify. Its success, in my opinion, has been remarkable.

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