5 Factors to Consider When Buying Meridia Online

Meridia is primarily for the treatment of obesity. Meridia is used for the management of obesity, which includes weight loss and proper management of weight loss. The medication is clubbed with a low-calorie diet and exercise to achieve the maximum results.

It belongs to the class of sibutramine hydrochloride. The chemical name for Meridia is sibutramine. The Sibutramine (Meridia) was banned and withdrawn from the market by the US government in October 2010.

Meridia directly acts on the chemicals of brains which deals with bodyweight maintenance. Its mainly used to treat obesity that is related to diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Do not take Meridia if you are considered high blood pressure or heart patient, you have an eating disorder, taking stimulant pills, or have an allergy to sibutramine.

Take the medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor and follow all the instructions properly. Its overdose can cause some worse effects on your body. The common side effects of Meridia are very mild. They include headache, insomnia, dry mouth, and constipation.

How Does Meridia Work?

Meridia (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate) is prescribed for obesity patients with a minimum body mass index higher than 30kg/m2.

Meridia, unlike all the other weight loss or obesity management medications, works by stimulating the neurotransmitters. It is not a releasing agent. It does not affect the cells or gets inside them to boost the neurotransmitters. Instead, Meridia remains outside the cells and stops the neurotransmitters from getting absorbed.

Meridia affects the chemicals in the brain that are involved in regulating the appetite, thus allows them to act longer. Appetite control in the brain is responsible for the amount of food eaten. It regulates eating by providing the senses of fullness or hunger.

The patient should lose at least 3-4 pounds within the first month of taking Meridia and eating low-calorie diets.

As you must be knowing the fact that Meridia was the brand name of the drug Sibutramine and was taken off the United State’s market in October 2010, because it was being observed that the drug had started affecting the chemicals in the brain and indirectly started affecting the maintenance of a person’s weight.

Before you buy Meridia online, you must know that the drug is prescribed for weight loss along with a low-calorie diet and physical exercise.

Major Things You Should Keep In Your Mind If You Are A First-Time Buyer

However, there are a few things you need to remember about the drug before buying it and starting its intake.

  1. Do not start the intake of the drug if you have taken MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) for around two weeks because severe side effects can occur which are capable of putting your life in danger until the traces of MAOI are not cleared from your body.
  2. You should not take the drug if you are allergic to it and if you have taken any stimulant diet pills or pills prescribed for weight loss before starting the intake of the drug.
  3. Consult a health expert if you have glaucoma, high blood pressure, depression, seizures, or if your age is more than 65 years or less than 16 years before starting the intake of the drug.
  4. Also, consult the health expert if you do not lose at least 4 pounds after taking the drug for around four weeks along with a low-calorie diet and physical exercise.
  5. The main thing you need to remember before starting the intake of the drug is that you need to lose at least 4 pounds of your weight during the first four weeks of the intake of the drug along with a low-calorie diet and physical exercise. In case this does not happen, consult a health expert, and complain about the same because the drug has been prescribed only for weight loss and nothing else.